Car Title Loans – Avail Cash Against Your Vehicle

What are Car Title Loans?

A car title loan is a type of secured loan and it is secured on your car title or vehicle registration document. This type of loan can be taken out for larger amounts of money up to $25,000 if your car is worth enough, and the repayments spread over longer repayment terms. The vehicle must be owned by the person applying for this loan. There should be no other loans on the vehicle and even there is one, it should be in an almost-paid status.

Get Funds and Keep Your Vehicle

The owner of the vehicle will continue to enjoy the right to possess the vehicle until the loan settlement term. The vehicle can be only taken by the lenders in case the borrower is unable to pay back. So change of lifestyle is not necessary, since you can still drive your car and remains in your property. You should only consider this type of loan if your financial difficulties are transitional. If you are in temporary difficulties and you are certain that in a reasonably short time you will be able to pay back the loan, it is a fairly safe option.

No Credit Check

Car title loans are secured and does not require any credit check. This type of loan can be taken out no matter what your credit history and there is no credit check required as part of the application process.
So those who are facing bankruptcy or arrears are also eligible to apply for these loans.

Where to Apply?

Car title loans are very popular these days. There are many lenders out there in the market, providing assistance to borrowers. However, it is important to choose the right lender. The interest rates and terms should also be considered.

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