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Getting a car is a huge investment that anyone will make. It can cost you much more money if you do not do your research or prepared for it. There are a lot of saying, such as “The sale is made before the salesman does his pitch”. Same goes with car loan, the ability to get the a good car loan is made before you buy a car, such as making sure you improve your credit 1 year before you buy a car, or perhaps shopping around and wait patiently for a good deal and save up some money so you can put a big down payment on the vehicle.

Give as much down payment

To increase the chances of getting a car loan (especially if you have a bad credit), save at least 5-10% to put a downpayment on the vehicle you want to purchase. By having a down payment, you will be able to lower your interest rate and monthly payments. Killing two birds with one stone.

Decide on at least three different models that you like and shop for each one to net you the best deal. This will allow you to negotiate three deals and then choose the one that fits you best. Although this will take time, you can rest assured that you will get the best deal. The car salesperson has 1 primary objective, which is to make a sale, they dont mind throwing in some free stuff as expensive as a free maintenance up to a year or as cheap as a $100 Best Buy gift card. While the price of the car you purchase are relatively the same, at least you can get something more out of it.


Great Car Loans in Ottawa Ontario

Walking into a dealership with the information you now have will aid you in your car loan. Take the time to learn all of the tips above you soon you will find yourself driving the car you want.

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