Calgary Car Title Loans – 3 Must Knows

When an individual needs instant access to funds to meet any financial emergency, the most feasible option available to him are financial loans from a reliable lender. However, as most loan processes involve extensive paperwork and a long verification process, it may become a time-consuming exercise to apply for a loan, undergo the tedious processing, wait for the approval and then finally get the access to the loan amount. If you need cash quickly, why not go for car title loans? These loans may be the perfect solution for a potential borrower looking for immediate access to the loan amount through a hassle-free procedure of loan application, approval and transfer. Here are more information about Calgary car title loans.

Who is Eligible for a Car Title Loan?

In order to qualify for car title loans, you must be at least nineteen years of age and own a car. You must also have a clear title to your vehicle that should not be more than eight years old. By meeting these simple requirements, you can qualify for a title loan and get access to ready cash.

How Much Money Can I Receive With a Car Title Loan?

Typically, you can expect to receive an amount from $1000 to $25000 depending on the value of your vehicle. The amount is determined by the wholesale value of the vehicle. One good thing about a car title loan is that you get to keep your vehicle during the loan period. You just need to surrender your car title and you can keep on using your vehicle.

Do Car Title Loan Providers Run Credit Checks?

No. The companies are in business to serve those that may very well have credit problems. There is no reason for these companies to check credit as it would have no bearing on their fee or you being accepted. Your car is your credit.

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