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Use Your Car as Collateral to Qualify for Auto Title Loans Edmonton

Auto Title Loans Edmonton

Auto title loans Edmonton is the fastest way for someone with an unfavorable credit history to attain emergency cash. Car title loans have currently become more popular, since they are much easier and quicker to obtain compared to traditional loans.

Keep Your Car

These loans are secured by the value of your car. Although you get to surrender the title of your car, it is not required to surrender the car itself to the lender. You can drive your car for the term of the loan, as long as you do not fall behind in making monthly payments. To get approved for auto title loans Edmonton, you need to have a clean title certificate of your car, valid driver’s license, proof of residency and you must be 19 years old.

Loan Amount

Meanwhile, the amount made available is based on the car’s resale price. The maximum loan amount that the lenders are willing to provide is usually half of the car’s market value although some companies are willing to go beyond that. The interest rates that are used can vary substantially. It is therefore advisable to determine the rate that is being applied for the loan and the various fees. Borrowers should be aware that every state has its own regulations when it comes to car title loans. Borrowers need to educate themselves on these laws to ensure that the fees collected are legal.

Borrow With Less than Perfect Credit

Having poor credit does not preclude you from attaining an auto title loan. Thus, auto title loan Edmonton is the ideal short term solution for persons with less than perfect credit and individuals with very little to no credit history. The fast approval title cash loans make it possible to pay your bills before the deadline and help you overcome the financial bind you might find yourself in.

Getting a loan when you have bad credit can be a daunting task. Most banks ignore people with poor credit. Fortunately, car title loans companies are available and willing to help poor creditors. If you need cash today, Pit Stop Loans is here to help. Just call Pit Stop Loans toll free at 1-800-514-9399 or submit an application online. We provide easy application and quick approval. Apply now!

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