Use a Car Title Loan to Obtain Quick Cash for Unexpected Financial Problems

If you have recently been turned down for a loan from a traditional lending institution, including a bank or credit union, there are other alternatives that can provide you substantial amounts of cash quickly. Depending on the type of car or truck you own, its year, and condition, it is possible you can get a quick car title loan based on its value.

Car title loans are used as a short-term financial solution to anyone, even if you have been denied a loan elsewhere. It does not require invasive credit checks, or take substantial amounts of time to obtain. Based on your vehicle, and your ability to repay the debt, you will likely have cash in hand in as little as three days or less.

Because credit checks are not involved in lending money against your vehicle, the process is painless and quick. It requires only a single application, filled with basic contact information and a few details about the vehicle you own. After the initial contact, a customer service representative will call you back quickly, to discuss the easy process of obtaining your money.

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The lenders that will be issuing the car title loan will usually only require two specific things from you before issuing the check. They will need your current proof of income, and a set of keys to the car you are using as collateral against the loan. Before the check is issued, the lender will perform a public records search looking for any liens that have been recorded against the title of your vehicle, along with the detailed information of the title, showing you as the owner of your truck or car. That is it!

There are significant advantages to obtaining a car title loan to help with your financial problems. Those advantages include:

  • A Quick Process – With the ability to have cash in hand in as little as three days, the entire time it takes to borrow money against the collateral value of your car or truck is a quick process.
  • Poor Credit Is Okay – The lender will not perform a credit check, and requires only proof of income that you have the ability to repay the loan.
  • Little Paperwork Required – You need only provide proof of income, and the title of your vehicle.
  • Use Your Vehicle – Possibly the best part of the entire process, other than obtaining your cash, is that you get to use your vehicle while you are repaying the debt. You will only be required to give up an extra set of keys, and will still have full control to use your car or truck to drive anywhere. Once the debt has been repaid, the keys will be returned to you, along with full control of your car or truck’s title.

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Borrowing money against the collateral value of your vehicle is an easy way to obtain larger amounts of money, and is simpler then through payday loans, or credit cards. Without the need to have good credit, you will still be able to borrow money quickly, and drive your car or truck while repaying the debt.


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