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No one can predict when the emergency for instant cash can arise. Suppose your phone bills and electricity bills arrive at the same time. Or suppose your house needs repair. Things can be even more frustrating when you have bad credit or your paycheck is still weeks away. At such times, what can one do? The answer is car title loans.

What is a Car Title Loan?

As the name implies, these loans grant the borrowers instant access to cash in exchange for their car title. The title serves as collateral for the loan. The beauty of this type of finance is that the borrowers can walk away with the cash needed and their vehicle. They keep possession of the vehicle during the loan period.

Money For Various Purposes

Basically, car title loans are specially designed to meet your urgent requirements. These requirements are usually renovation of your house, your wedding party expenses, a long-awaited holiday, and several other household bills. To justify your financial ends, you can take out car title loans.

Forget Bad Credit

Another thing about cash for car title that you might find to your favor is that they do not require credit checking. So, if you happen to have bad credit recorded against you in your credit report, you don’t have to fear rejection on account of it.

Requirements to Qualify

  • You must have a vehicle not more than eight years old
  • You must be nineteen years of age
  • You must have clear title to your vehicle
  • Your vehicle must be both registered and insured in your name

If you are looking for a reputable lender who can help you put Regina car title loans to good use, Pit Stop Loans can help. We have friendly and helpful staff members who can assist you to get the needed cash as quickly as possible. You can call us at our toll-free number 1-800-514-9399 or simply apply online and you will be quickly on your way of being approved and getting the cash you need fast.

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