Car Title Loans – How You Can Use Them to Fix Credit Report Problems

Car Title Loans Niagara Falls

There are many types of loans available to the public to help people in need. There are payday loans, car title loans, equity loans and many other loans depending on what you need. In the event there are financial hardship, getting a loan you need is not an issue. Before you apply for now, try to compare what options you have, most probably you are only able to get a car title loans or payday loan.

Car title loans is the best loan in the sub-prime industry. Compared with pay day loan, car title loan has a longer loan term and a lower interest however it requires you to have a fully paid vehicle. Payday loan are only suitable if you do not have a fully paid car, bad credit and only have a job. For payday loan, your job is basically their collateral.

Title Loans Benefit

To get a car title loan, it is very very easy and quick. Most lender will give you a car title loan in 2 hours or less with no credit check or any job requirements. All you need is to show up and give them your car title, and they will give you the loan based on the value of your vehicle.

To get approved for the loan, you need a fully paid vehicle, above 18 years old, a clear title with no liens, there are no job requirement so your income does not matter, there are also no credit check so your credit score does not matter too. Just bring you ID, a copied utility address for address verification and insurance. Dont worry if you need to surrender your car, you are free to keep your vehicle during the loan period. The best thing is, you can pay over a period of 2 years, allowing you to have enough time to adjust and pay back the loan.

Most of the time you will be able to secure at least 30% of the value of the car. That means if your car valued in the current market as $10,000, you will be able to take a loan of about $3000 depending on the condition of the vehicle.

After The Loan

Once you taken the loan, you can use the loan on whatever you want to spent on such as bills, renovation, emergency, families, credit card or debt etc. Car title loans does not restrict you in any way.

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