Car Title Loans – Guide for First-Time Applicants

When you are in need of urgent cash, you can pawn your car and avail of this loan under various names like “Car title loans”, “Auto title loans”, or “Title Loans”. Put in simple words, using your car as your collateral, you are provided with instant money. You do not have to go through the time-consuming process of the usual paperwork and other formalities. Even better, you can use your car during the loan period. As you are securing the loan with a valuable asset, there is no need for you to submit a credit history which you wish not to display. The greatest advantage of this is the quick processing. If you have ever borrowed money from a bank, you would know how tedious would be the procedures until closing of the loan. The instant title loans application process is easy and convenient. 

What is a Car Title Loan?

Before you go and get a title loan you should understand exactly what it is. Car title loans are loans that are borrowing against the value of your vehicle. So, if you took your car title to a title loan provider they would determine what the value of your car is and then offer you a loan for a percentage of that value. Sounds pretty good, right? It is, if you need quick cash and you don’t mind paying a hefty interest rate and plan on paying off the title loan in a short period of time.

3 Simple Steps

There are three simple steps involved in the procedure. Firstly, you need to complete the online application which wouldn’t take too long. All that it would demand is the basic information of the applicant. The second stage is nothing but the waiting for few seconds to provide the service providers to offer you with the results of the loan application. The third step is what you have been longing for – the money would be credited in your bank account on the same day.

Getting a car title loan can be a great way to have some extra cash on hand. Whether you need a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, this is one option that you should take into consideration. Call us at Pit Stop Loans today or apply online and get the money you need fast.

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