Car Loans Vancouver BC

Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. If you are looking for a Car Loan in Vancouver BC. There are Car Loan Companies that can help you find a competitive rate on a new Car or Auto Loan.  Below is a list of  Car Loan companies in Vancouver  that  might be able to help with your loan:


Jim Pattison Toyota Downtown at the corner of Burrard and Drake 

We are located at 1290 Burrard St. Vancouver, BC – Call today 1-888-778-4869!  staff are a few 

Kingsway Honda Vancouver – Part of the Destination Auto Group

Our dealership was one of only 8 dealers from Western Canada (and 2 in Metro Vancouver) that 

Clarkdale Motorsport

Get ready to experience the sights and sounds of Vancouver in a car you will not only enjoy, but 

Vancouver Auto Finance – Cars In Vancouver Loans Company Used Cars

Car Loan Vancouver can get you the Auto Financing you need TODAY regardless of credit – find out how here

Real Car Cash

Take advantage of incredible auto title loans which offer same day funding and let you keep your 


Lease or Purchase

There are a big differences in leasing vs purchasing. For car leasing, you are essentially renting a new vehicle from the respective company for a period of time (usually 3-4 years). You are also paying for the depreciation of the vehicle during the term of lease and the car does not belongs to you until you buy out, which means you are tied to their terms and condition. Dealership love this options because they know you will be buying a car 3 years down the road. When you are purchasing a car, you are paying for the price of the car itself.


If you decided to purchase the car, your monthly payment of the vehicle are usually higher and the loan term can be longer than a leasing. Your monthly car loan payment will goes towards the interest and the car itself. However, during the loan term, the car is essentially yours and is not subjected to rules set by the car loan companies. For leasing, when your loan is over, you hand back your car back to the dealer and get nothing in return. Depending on your needs, leasing might be a popular options.

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