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Auto Pawn Edmonton will allow you to quickly receive money by using your car title as collateral for a loan. In order to qualify for a car title loan, you will need to have no outstanding debts against your vehicle and be the registered owner of the vehicle.

Speedy Process

Car title loans offer a variety of benefits including the speed at which the entire transaction can take place and not reliant on you having a good credit score. In fact, your existing credit score is not a factor in qualifying for a car title loan. You qualify based on the value of your vehicle.

Get the Cash You Need

The higher the value of your car, the greater the loan amount you for which you will qualify. Any vehicle including your car, truck or van can be used as collateral on your car title loan provided you own it free and clear and there is a minimum cash value.

How Does the Process Differ From a Traditional Bank Loan?

The biggest difference between car title loans and traditional bank loans is that car title loans are not only processed incredibly fast, but the application process is easier and more people are approved. Most car title loans are processed in about 15 to 30 minutes from when you submit all the required documentation. With a traditional bank loan, you may wait for a week for a decision on the loan and they are notorious for never really spelling out everything you need to submit as documentation for a loan on the first visit.

For those that find themselves in a situation where they require money and simply can’t wait for the next payday to roll around, auto pawn Edmonton could be the perfect solution. You can get financial assistance from Pit Stop Loans if you’re a car owner in Edmonton. Use auto pawn Edmonton to acquire the emergency cash you need. Auto title loans are the easiest way to get money when you need it. All you need as collateral is your car title.

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